Bella Angel (bella_angel) wrote in faded_lights_x,
Bella Angel

Info page request

I am in no rush for this, this is for anyone who has the time to make it, i would really like it if could make my info page like the one at the blinkie_land, i only want you to use the same border, and same font for the headings if you can.

Number of boxes: 2 boxes
Number of strips: same style as in blinkie_land
Color of Strips: pink
Background Color:same colour as in blinkie_land
Specific Font for your Text: same as in blinkie_land
What do you want them to say: I want the first box to say Glitters & Blinkies, and the second box to say Credits
Anything Else: if possible can you put a blinkie butterfly on both sides of both headings plz. i will credit whoever does this for me :) ty
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