Bella Angel (bella_angel) wrote in faded_lights_x,
Bella Angel

Info page request

I am in no rush for this, this is for anyone who has the time to make it, i would really like it if could make my info page like the one at the blinkie_land, i only want you to use the same border, and same font for the headings if you can.

Number of boxes: 2 boxes
Number of strips: same style as in blinkie_land
Color of Strips: pink
Background Color:same colour as in blinkie_land
Specific Font for your Text: same as in blinkie_land
What do you want them to say: I want the first box to say Glitters & Blinkies, and the second box to say Credits
Anything Else: if possible can you put a blinkie butterfly on both sides of both headings plz. i will credit whoever does this for me :) ty
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anything you want changed? i couldn't find any butterflies.

the reason yours wasn't posted sooner was because I was having trouble putting the right overrides in. I've never done a user page box like this. and I didn't want to accept this request until I had it right.
i love what you have done so far, but is it possible to change the fonts of both headings and make them a little bigger and in some kinda handwritting font. if you can't do it that is alright it's still great and i appreciate you doing this for me :) ty
Alright what font do you want me to use? I need a name.
do you think you can find anything close to this font??? *i hope this link works*
ergh um I'm not sure...
it is alright if you can't
sorry, do you want me to send them to you..?
yes please
whats your email?
my email address is, sorry i didn't reply sooner my computer went down.

it's ok
ok ty
do i have to sign back in to see the changes?
nevermind, someone sent me something with a bunch of codes, i'll figure out how to put them in somehow, ty for all your help thought, it was greatly appreciated
i sent my password to this address *xboricuazshortix @* cause they said they can put the codes in for me if i still can not get it to work, and i never heard from them again. i hope to hear from someone