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Page Title: Reach out and Touch Faith

Where would you like your entries: Left

What type of Border:(Dashed, dotted, double,solid or none):Double

Border Size & Color:(1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.):3

Link Colors ( active, visted ) : Black & Red

Link Effects:Glow

Cursor:Cross Hair i think :\

Background color:Black

Background color for journal entries :Black

Background pic:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v149/xThereYouGoAgain/Jewelfc.jpg

Background Placement:left

Font, font color, and font size:Franklin Gothic Medium, 10, Red

ScrollBar Colors:Black & Red

Page Transitions:Whatever Looks Kewl ;)

What do you want your comments to say: Feeling Alone 

Any blinkie you want in between your comments, if so what:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v149/xThereYouGoAgain/Animation2.gif

Is there anything else you want:Nope

Comments: Thank YOu

Do you want us to email you the overrides or email us your password:xmarilyn_manson@hotmail.com


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I'll start working on yours tomorrow.

-What color do you want your border to be?
-What color do you want your glow effect to be?
-What else do you want your comment links to say?
ex. '# [blinkie] Feeling Alone' or '#Feeling Alone [blinkie] WHATEVER YOU WANT HERE' or...something else??
Border Red
Glow effect Red
'Personal Jesus [blinkie] Feeling Alone'