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layout request


Page Title: city love (can that be in yellow? is that possible?)

Where would you like your entries: on the left

What type of Border:(Dashed, dotted, double,solid or none): I really like the border and boxes on this journal

Is possible to have that? Same size and colour?

Border Size & Color:(1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.): the same as the above link

Link Colors ( active, visted ) : white/grey

Link Effects: can they flip backwards?

Cursor: ? I’m not sure

Background color: black..

Background color for journal entries : black

Background pic:

Background Placement: on the right side..can the city lights from the picture run along the bottom of the screen?

Font, font color, and font size:
trebuchet MS, 9, white

ScrollBar Colors: white, black

Page Transitions: fade

What do you want your comments to say: # | lights out

Any blinkie you want in between your comments, if so what: can you do a star blinkie? Yellow?

Is there anything else you want: I kinda wanted it to have a starry night feel..with the Eiffel tower at night. I just started with livejournal, so I’m kinda clueless with layouts, so anything you could do would be much appreciated.

Do you want us to email you the overrides or email us your password:
email them if you could



If someone could do my request for me, I would be sooo grateful! Thanks!

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