rebegeebie (rebegeebie) wrote in faded_lights_x,

re requesting

also, could I get a userinfo box with alternating pinks as border lines (5 please) with this text inside, pretty please!!

Sharp disaster in a fresh new coma
Was it worth it when it was over
Proving yourself right
You'd make the biggest noise
I'd lock my hands behind my head
I'd cover my heart and hit the deck
I'd brace myself for the impact if I were you

(It's a long way) Is there anything
(For an answer) Worth looking for
(Is there any news) Worth loving for
(Is there any word) Worth lieing for
(Is there trauma) Is there anything
(Or a struggle) Worth waiting for
(Am I missing) Worth living for
(Was the body found) Worth dieing for

thanks if u can help!
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