princessspoiled (princessspoiled) wrote in faded_lights_x,

pretty please?

Hey guys. This is thelamegame. This is a journal i use to test layouts but the reason why i am posting as this user is because for some reason when im logged in as thelamegame it wont let me post in the community. it says i have reached my maxium posts for the day and i havent post in this community for at least a week so im using this one cus i really want/need some info boxes.. so onto the request...

Number of boxes:3
Specific Font for your Text: anything pretty
What do you want them to say: Glitters/Banners, Credits, Communites
Anything Else: i want the info boxes to look excatly like this:

thats excatly how i want mine.

my email is if you need it.

thanks so much darlings <3
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