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Ooº•.Request Form.•ºoO

Page Title: Take my radio to play with you..

Where would you like your entries: on the left and picture of the right

What type of Border: solid

Border Size & Color: maybe a 5.. red.. whatever looks good.

Link Colors ( active, visted ) : active-grey... visited-red

Link Effects: bolds when over cursor

Cursor: dosnt matter

Background color: black preferably. i mean whatever looks good with the picture i suppose

Background color for journal entries : black

Background pic:

Background Placement: to the left

Font, font color, and font size: just something original and legible to read. and colors that look good

ScrollBar Colors: grey

Page Transitions: fading

What do you want your comments to say: ive got __ lost loves

Any blinkie you want in between your comments, if so what: blinking heart where the __ is above ^^

Is there anything else you want: just make it look nice. not cheesy please

Comments: thank you muchly, and can you just please comment this request when its going to be sent? thank you.

Do you want us to email you the overrides or email us your password: i'll email you my password


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