Jessica♥Marie (jessioner) wrote in faded_lights_x,

Can I Help

Name: Jessica, but everyone calls me Jessee
Age: 17
How long have you had a livejournal: a few months now
Do you do your own layouts:Sure do
Will you make a testing journal: already have one jandt
Why do you want to be a moderator:actually i want to be a maker
Are you a moderator in any other Community, if so which one(s):no im not, but i might be a maker in another community, im trying to find one that i like =D
Are you willing to help and keep requestor's passwords safe:Of course, i've done so before. For reference you can ask ker2008 i did her layout as well.
Show off your skills by posting an 2 different layouts you've made:One is my journal jessioner another is jandt
What kind of layouts can you make: For now i have mastered the generator style, i am now working on Tabular Indent
Hope you guys' liked my application
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