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Ooº•.Lovely Layouts.•ºoO

Ooº•.Lovely Layouts.•ºoO

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All Members , Moderated

Ooº•.Layout makers.•ºoO
agoraphobiax (Zach)
ih8evrythnboutu (Rachel)
burnedoutstar_x (Jennifer)
rockworld182 (Arianna)
wuteva2u2 (Courtney)

Wanna become a layout maker / Mod? Fill this Application out and post it:

How long have you had a livejournal:
Do you do your own layouts:
Will you make a testing journal:
Why do you want to be a moderator:
Are you a moderator in any other Community, if so which one(s):
Are you willing to help and keep requestor's passwords safe:
Show off your skills by posting an 2 different layouts you've made:
What kind of layouts can you make:

If we make you a layout, credit in your user page.

Please do not IM us asking for a layout.
Fill out the request form we WILL get to you be patient

You must be a member to request.
You must make your request in a post, all requests in comments will be ignored.

Be specific when you're requesting "I want something cute not plain "
Won't do it. Just fill out the form.

Be polite to everyone in the community.

Give credit to the community and the person that made your layout in your
USER PAGE not in you entries. This will be checked


If you want a specific layout fill out the request form.
You can also put examples.

This is not the place to promote your community. If You promote a community you will get
a warning and the post will be deleted. If we catch you again you will be banned . No it's or but's about it.

If you want a picture post it with your URL

Do not cross post request, it's rude and a waste of time. If we find out that you crossposted
you will get a warning and your request will not be filled. If we catch you again crossposting you are BANNED.

Don't join just to get your layout and leave. Thats just rude. If you see someone with
a question and you know the answer heklp them out.

If you want to contact me about any concerns my
AIM screen name is o0Sparkelz14o0 (the 0 is a zero) Don't IM me asking about your layout. It will be done.

Come back to the info page often.
Any rule changes will be posted in here.

Enjoy your stay, we hope your satisfied with your layout.

Ooº•.Request Form.•ºoO
Page Title:

Where would you like your entries:

What type of Border:(Dashed, dotted, double,solid or none):

Border Size & Color:(1 being very thin, and 10 being the thickest.):

Link Colors ( active, visted ) :

Link Effects:


Background color:

Background color for journal entries :

Background pic:

Background Placement:

Font, font color, and font size:

ScrollBar Colors:

Page Transitions:

What do you want your comments to say:

Any blinkie you want in between your comments, if so what:

Is there anything else you want:


Do you want us to email you the overrides or email us your password:


If we put any images in your layout, save it onto YOUR own sever,
We can't keep all the images on our computers.

Ooº•.User Boxes Form.•ºoO
Number of boxes:
Number of strips:
Color of Strips:
Background Color:
Specific Font for your Text:
What do you want them to say:
Anything Else:

These are the examples of the user page boxes we can make.

Click Here


^ If we make you a layout please credit us (in your INFO PAGE) by using the one of the banners.

<input ... >

Blinkie on top was made by

Ooº•.Wall of SHAME.•ºoO
sweet_failure --> Warning for Crossposting
6waysfromsunday --> Warning for Crossposting
dandelf --> Warning for Crossposting
patientandkind --> Banned For Starting Drama
beautyqueen029 --> Warning for Crossposting
xosweetkisseso3 --> Warning for Crossposting

blinkies, hearts, html, icons, layouts, making blinkies for comments, making layouts, small blinkies, web designing